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11-12 june 2024 | Vivanta, Dwarka, New Delhi
IPGI 2024 Theme
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Program Agenda


The Indo Pacific region holds significant importance in the global security landscape, where space infrastructure and geospatial intelligence (GeoInt) play crucial role in maintaining regional stability and security. Indo-Pacific GeoIntelligence will bring together military, government security officials, experts from the space and geospatial domains, industry and academia to discuss the critical role and impact of geospatial intelligence collection and emerging technologies on the security environment of the region, particularly considering the growing space infrastructure. It will have a galaxy of national and international speakers who will share their perspectives and insights on the role of space and geospatial technologies for global security.


The Indo-Pacific Geointelligence Forum seeks to establish a trusted technological platform by integrating geospatial technology with emerging advancements, particularly through the fusion of geospatial and artificial intelligence (GEOAI). This initiative aims to foster dialogue among different services, convening diverse country capabilities for mutual interest discussions, high-level dialogues, and technological advancements..

Conference Theme

The theme, "Resilient Multi-Domain Regional Security – Land + Sea + Air + Space + Cyberspace," encapsulates the core of safeguarding security and stability across crucial domains within the Indo Pacific region. It underscores the interconnected nature and interdependence of these domains—Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Cyberspace—and the urgency of fortifying each one to collectively bolster regional security. This convergence of military geointelligence, internal security, space, cyberspace, and advance digital technologies aims to counter threats and construct robust digital infrastructure across these domains. The holistic approach recognizes that security challenges transcend traditional boundaries, necessitating multifaceted strategies. By integrating efforts across these domains, the forum aims to forge a unified and resilient security framework for the Indo Pacific. Discussions, panels, and workshops will center on fostering collaboration, information sharing, technological advancements, and frameworks to strengthen regional security in an ever evolving geopolitical landscape.

Role of Geospatial
and Emerging Technologies

Geospatial technology, coupled with emerging innovations, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the security and resilience of the Indo-Pacific. Integration of geospatial data with artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies facilitates comprehensive risk assessment, strategic planning, and efficient response mechanisms across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace domains.

The Indo-Pacific Geointelligence Forum stands as a beacon for collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, fostering a resilient and secure future for the region and beyond. Geointelligence is crucial for comprehensive international security, aiding in threat identification, economic security, and adapting to the rapidly changing geopolitical and technological landscape. In the era of network-centric warfare, geospatial technologies facilitate enhanced situational awareness, decision-making, and precision capabilities.

Why Indo Pacific is

  • The Indo Pacific is very densely populated and is home to more than half the world’s people. It is a vast area that encompasses the Indian Ocean, the Western Pacific Ocean and the countries in between, including major powers such as China, India, Japan, Australia and several South East Asian nations. It accounts for 65% of the world’s oceans and 25% of its land.
  • With nations of the region jockeying for power, the security environment of the Indo Pacific is extremely fragile.
  • It generates nearly 60% of global GDP and is responsible for two third of the world’s economic growth.
  • The region has seven of the world’s largest militaries.
  • Nearly half of all maritime trade passes through the Indo Pacific.

Major Challenges in the
Indo Pacific Region

  • The region faces pressure, particularly in East Asia.
  • Prone to maximum natural disasters, home to 40% of the world’s population.
  • Disputes over the Spratly Islands, rich in oil and natural gas reserves, involving six nations.
  • The security of the Indo Pacific region holds strategic global importance.
  • Initial indications suggest discontent with the framework not addressing trade and tariff issues.

Need for a Combined
Indo Pacific security Strategy

  • Most less developed nations of the region aspire to provide a better life for their citizens. Regional stability is essential for development.
  • Cooperation in space infrastructure and geospatial intelligence technologies and capabilities for national security requirements.
  • Capitalizing on the potential game-changing benefits of space and geospatial technological developments.
  • Establishing collaboration based on the international rule-based system, respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, fostering consultation, good governance, transparency, viability, and sustainability.
  • Promoting common standards for interoperability as the foundation for future deeper integration.

The Indo-Pacific GeoIntelligence Forum aims to shape a comprehensive strategy that harnesses the potential of geospatial and emerging technologies to address the multifaceted challenges in the region, ensuring a secure and collaborative future.


Global Outreach
Partnerships and Collaboration
Thought Leadership
Product Demos
Policy Advocacy
Business Development
Knowledge and Awareness
Networking and Socializing

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Target Audience

  • Armed Forces
  • Para Military Forces
  • CAPF
  • Policy Makers
  • Technology & Solution Providers
  • System Integrators and Consultant
  • Geospatial Intelligence Agency
  • DRDO
  • DPSU’s
  • Internal Security Agencies
  • Counter Terrorism & Cyber Agencies
  • Disaster Management Authorities
  • Civil Defence Departments
  • Geospatial Technology Providers
  • Startups
  • Academia

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