Geospatial World is hosting the 14th edition of the Geointelligence Forum, with a flagship edition, named the Indo Pacific Geointelligence Forum (IPGF), marking the third consecutive year.

The Indo-Pacific region holds significant importance in the global security landscape, where space infrastructure and geospatial intelligence (GeoInt) play crucial roles in maintaining regional stability and security. Geospatial World is hosting the 14th edition of the Geointelligence Forum, with a specific focus on the Indo-Pacific region, thereby this edition, named the Indo Pacific Geointelligence Forum (IPGF), marks the second consecutive year with this thematic focus.

The IPGF, a defence technology forum aims to bring together high-ranking officials from the military, government, internal security sectors, as well as technology and industry experts, and academia. The primary objective is to discuss the pivotal role and impact of the new technology ecosystem, powered by Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, in transforming geospatial innovation and its integration across various defence vertical workflows.

This shall involve high level dialogue meetings, bi - lateral trade discussions, panels, and closed room meetings centred on fostering collaboration, information sharing, technological advancements, and frameworks to strengthen regional security in an ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.

The recent years have marked spectacular technological advancements governed and driven by numerous policy frameworks. The Indo Pacific Geointelligence Forum collaboratively aims to develop, integrate, strengthen and maximize geospatial information management among Indo Pacific countries to holistically understand the value of creation of defence geospatial infrastructure that aims to enhance integration of innovative frontier technologies involving all the stakeholders from all technology realm for a dynamic information integration in order to strengthen the country defence forces growth and development. We need to move towards developing a knowledge system which helps in knitting together entire digital ecosystem of defence domain. This initiative aims to foster dialogue among different services, convening diverse country capabilities for mutual interest discussions, high-level dialogues, and technological advancements.

Crucial to discuss defence technologies:

In today’s digital age, the security is not limited to physical borders into the depths of the "dark web." Governments, defense, and law enforcement worldwide face myriad social, economic, geopolitical, and environmental challenges. Post-pandemic, the dynamics of natural and man-made threats have evolved, increasing the urgency for authorities to remain ahead of the curve. The latest technology solutions enable the agencies to resolve any potential threat in a timely manner and hence ensure national security and stability. Pivotal technologies along with advanced geospatial data and spatial analysis, aid in understanding and assessing the impacts of potential emergencies and system breaches. By seamlessly integrating data from space, cyberspace, and social media sources in real-time, advanced technology enables predictive policymaking, evidence-based decision-making, comprehensive record management systems, and real-time visualization, monitoring, and analysis of situations.

Thereby, the Indo Pacific Geointelligence Forum stands as a beacon for collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, fostering a resilient and secure future for the region and beyond.