GeoInt is important for comprehensive international security, it along with the synergy of various intelligence helps identify the threats whether temporary or permanent, when it comes to complicated economic security. The global security environment is undergoing definitive transformation due to the rapidly changing geopolitical scenario and at the pace of technological development. In the era of network centric warfare, characterised by exponentially enhanced situational awareness decision making dissemination of information, and precision capabilities, all of which are facilitated by geospatial technologies. Space infrastructure coupled with geospatial technologies are a great force multiplier for defence and security and the way ahead in the process of strengthening and ensuring the security and unity of the Indo-Pacific region.

With the theme “Space Infrastructure and Geoint Strategy – A Shared Vision” the conference will focus on building collective capacity to deal with challenges in the region. It will discuss the Space Infrastructure and Geospatial Strategy aiding military operations and support in monitoring, evaluating, and incorporating location intelligence into high-level decision making.

Mission defines Strategy, and strategy defines structure -Peter Drucker (1909-2005)


India’s defence industry has emerged as a promising sector for global investment, positioning the country as a significant player in the defence market. In the space sector too, India is widely recognized as a leader in the Indo-Pacific region, with notable achievements. Its space program continues to grow and innovate, making it an important player in the global space industry. Due to emerging dynamics and the geo-strategic role of India in Indo-Pacific region for defence sector, the conference is being hosted in India.